Boho Interior design: When Amerindian art uplifts your interiors

Careful interior decoration is essential to create comfort and harmony in a living space. Reflecting your personality, the decoration highlights and optimizes your interior design, tells a story, invites you to travel or relax.
In this universe, boho interior design forms a separate current by introducing into the heart of contemporary interiors know-how from elsewhere. A subtle balance between modernity and tradition, boho interior design weaves a dialogue between two worlds and pays homage to a craftsmanship tinged with beliefs and myths.
If the natural materials characterize the ethnic style, the rarity and the quality of the featured objects will add the high-end touch that you are seeking for your project. In
this article, discover a selection of exceptional pieces that will give your future compositions a most sophisticated ethnic atmosphere.
Handcrafted in the heart of the Central American rainforest, these unique pieces of art and decoration will be inexhaustible sources of inspiration for all your spaces.

Our special boho interior design selection


# 1 Tribal masks

Boho interior design idea for the living room


These authentic shamanic masks are made in the Darién forest, between Panama and Colombia. Used in rituals to communicate with the spirits of the invisible world, these masks are usually burnt after each ceremony and should no longer be touched.


Made from harvested palm leaves, dried and bleached in the sun, then dyed with natural inks that each artisan keeps a secret, the masks are patiently braided. A true jewel of ethnic craftsmanship, the design of these masks also stems from a formidable artistic sense and their production doesn’t rely on preliminary drawings.


Ritual masks on a base, an original decorative object to put on a piece of furniture


These Nemboros, as the Wounaan and Embera tribes call them, are unique pieces  originating from the forest, the animals, the dreams and beliefs of each craftswoman. These masks take on the appearance of an otherworldly spirit, but also its soul and energy.


Observe their gaze, sometimes gentle, sometimes severe, and travel to the heart of the jungle. Imagine the nocturnal shamanic dances, the fire, the songs, feel the hopes and the expectations of conversations held with spirits, the “haï”. Then think about the hours of work that each piece entails, to prepare the materials and give them shape. Think too of their journey to arrive in Europe.


These masks, whose needle weaving resembles embroidery, can be hung on the wall and become a highlight of your ethnic wall decoration. Mounted on a plinth, they turn into an art object to be placed on a piece of furniture. The varied colours (black and white, terracotta, brown, yellow, gold, red, green and orange) will match all decorative trends.


# 2 Wooden art objects

This shaman's baton is an exceptional wooden art object carved from cocobolo wood



Real shaman's batons are extremely rare pieces carved from cocobolo, a precious wood that grows in Central America. Orange or reddish-brown in colour, cocobolo is a soft wood with visible veins, which changes colour when cut. Very malleable, cocobolo is an ideal material for making small decorative objects.


These cocobolo shaman batons are therefore exceptional works of art because of the wood they are made of and their design and function. Magical objects, these batons are usually used for healing rituals. Although authentic, these pieces have not been "loaded" by the shaman, leaving them free for non-traditional use.


# 3 Ethnic decorative objects

Tribal artwork for upscale interior design


These small braided objects are made in the rainforest, without a machine or workshop. Representing animals from the local fauna such as armadillos, these artefacts do not always have a magical function, they can also be used in everyday life as a container or utensil.


True works of ethnic art, these objects can find their place in the chic ethnic decor of a living room or bedroom. Arrange them on a shelf or on a chest of drawers, play with the colours and the contrast of the materials. These objects with such a refined ethnic style will be the essential instrument of a cleverly mastered decorative composition.


#4 Woven and art baskets

Handmade woven baskets made in the rainforest of Panama


These small woven baskets are much more a work of art than functional furniture. Designed using the same process as the sacred masks, these baskets are the result of painstaking effort and many hours of work.


Originating from the Wounaan and Embera cultures in Panama, these artistic baskets are woven with leaves of chunga, the local palm. The leaves are prepared and tinted manually according to an ancestral process passed down through oral traditions. Vegetable dyes come from fruit pulp, roots, wood chips, leaves and seeds.


Woven baskets to be placed on the floor or suspended above a table or near a bed


The makenke are a range of flexible and light decorative baskets that are water resistent. They can therefore be displayed on the ground, indoors or outdoors, but are also very popular as lampshades, because they filter the light and create a chic ethnic decor for a warm bedroom or living room.


#5 Patterned cushions

Ethnic fabrics bring relief and a cozy side to your cushions


Molas are pieces of fabric with geometric figures worn by the women of the Kuna tribe of Panama. Hand-woven in cotton then sewn and cut, these molas are like paintings whose abstract shapes are inspired by nature and the legends of Kuna culture.


The more colourful paruma cushions use a fabric worn by the Emberas. They feature figurative patterns, most often plant shapes and colourful flowers.


Arranged on a sofa, bed or armchair, these cushions will fit perfectly into a bright and understated interior. They will bring a sense of comfort and exoticism to your ethnic chic decoration.


# 6 Ethnic decorative tableware

Ethnic-inspired handcrafted tableware


These ethnic chic tableware collections bring together different skills and artistic influences. Inspired by Panamanian tribal masks, these ethnic white porcelain or ceramic plates were handmade in a craft workshop in Valencia, Spain.


Although they are suitable for food use, these plates can be placed on a table, china cabinet, display cabinet or shelf. Their pastel colours, bright or warm, which evoke the earth, will bring character and originality to your most personal compositions.


What is boho interior design?

Boho interior design with sacred masks of Panama tribes


Scandinavian decoration has influenced the whole world with its concept of “cocooning” so dear to the Danes: hygge. These comforting interiors are based on the austere colours and the introduction of natural elements: wood and plant fibres, candles, wool blankets, linen or cotton curtains, rugs, etc. These natural materials harmoniously complement modern furniture made of metal or glass, “cold” materials.


The ethnic decorative style, which includes "Jungle" and bohemian – Boho- style, partly takes up this combination of colours and materials while emphasizing craftsmanship. Unlike the Scandinavian decor, which is meant to be invigorating but neutral, the ethnic decor deliberately uses cultural elements from other continents. As a result, there can be as many influences as there are ethnicities that make up our planet. Most commonly, ethnic decoration uses African, Indian, Asian or Berber handicrafts, and more rarely, works from Central America, because they are exported less.


Ethnic chic decor is characterized by the sense of nobility of the selected pieces, their rarity and the balanced use of colours and space. Art and craft objects are honoured by the simplicity of their positioning, creating a welcoming space that invites us to travel, to imagine new journeys. The cultural richness of the works and the mastery of how they are made tells a story that permeates the space.


Boho interior design from Ethic & Tropic

Ethnic chic wall decoration idea




Native American art is rich. Some countries, like Mexico and Colombia have influenced our collective imagination, although their craftsmanship is still not widely known. Central America is arguably one of the most difficult areas to access on the continent. Local flora and fauna, the prevalence of tropical diseases and drug trafficking have isolated certain tribes, which, paradoxically, has made it possible to maintain pristine spaces and to protect them.


The works presented in our selection come from the peoples of the Darién. Their works directly reflect this culture so closely linked to nature, animals, magic and spirits. These pieces, inspired by these encounters with the world, have designs that is both unique and familiar.


Created from natural materials, these objects of ethnic decoration stand out from figurative constraints by bringing an abstract and contemporary look at reality. The evident depths of perception, the designs, materials and colours used offer a fertile source of inspiration for any interior designer.


Incorporating these Panamanian art pieces to dress a contemporary or classic home, brighten up a room or soften an atmosphere, will create a unique ethnic decor atmosphere. You can partner them with accessories and organic materials, such as houseplants, bamboo or rattan furniture, to echo their distant origin. Or combine them with modern materials like decorative concrete, tadelakt, polished metal or marble to create a sought-after, contemporary aesthetic.


The sacred masks, the central ornament of a distinguished ethnic wall decoration, will celebrate an art of living where imagination and harmony are essential. Their drop shadow, which you can work with depending on your light sources, will give your walls a new, poetic appearance.


Would you like more information about our ethnic decorative items? Visit our catalogue or write to us. We will be happy to advise you on your interior design project or global architectural project.