Our selection of luxury decorative objects for your interior rooms


Luxury decorative objects are essential accessories for transforming a chic interior into a warm and unique space. But if some ornaments stand out for their uniqueness, it remains difficult to find that exceptional piece that will channel your interior design theme and highlight its elegance.  

Ethic Tropic has selected decorative objects of great finesse for interior decorators, collectors, and art lovers. At the crossroads between works of art and magic objects, these unique pieces of craftsmanship are the result of an almost extinct know-how coming straight from the Darién.

Ritual masks, shaman sticks, basketry and top-of-the-range tableware - in this article we invite you to discover indigenous art in its purest form. These top-of-the-range decorative objects made by hand in the heart of the tropical forest will enhance your most personal decorative projects.

#1 The tribal mask as the central ornament of high-end decoration



The tribal mask, a luxury decorative item © Pierre-Marie Couturier, Paris


Normally used during healing rites, these tribal masks are ethnic handicraft decorations made by hand by the women of the Embera tribe in the Darien forest. As true artisans, the craftswomen harvest, dry and tint each sheet necessary for the manufacture of these masks, according to a know-how transmitted orally for generations.

The design of these masks, which is very skilful, is not based on any prototype or preparatory drawing. Each piece is unique, born out of the beliefs, legends and dreams of their creator. Nemboros, as the Indians call them in the Embera language, are sacred artefacts intended to communicate with the spirits of the other world from which they take on their appearance.

Devoid of their traditional magical function, the masks in our collection have nonetheless retained their mystical power. Fixed to the wall or placed on a base, their penetrating gaze invites contemplation and will bring an incomparable aura to your development project.


#2 Artistic basketwork as a luxury decorative item


A decorative object with an original design, these Panamanian baskets are true pieces of art

The weaving of these high-end decorative objects requires the same production technique as the ritual masks, even though they are not intended for ceremonial use. Made of chunga leaves, a local variety of palm, which are prepared by hand and tinted using natural inks, these works will prove to be ideal as a decorative object to place on a modern piece of furniture.

Inspired by local wildlife such as armadillos, these decorative objects will bring warm tones and natural materials to contemporary or classic interiors. They will also be very popular in a chic ethnic decor or to complete a biophilic design.

Among these works there are also polychrome baskets in shimmering colours and brown woven baskets to put on the ground or use as lamp shades. These luxury decorative objects made from materials of tropical flora will stand out in a living room or bedroom, a landscape from elsewhere. 

#3 Shaman sticks as wooden art objects



A top-of-the-range decorative object, the shaman's stick is made of precious cocobolo wood.


The shaman sticks in our collection are a far cry from other esoteric objects offered on the market. Carved from a precious wood that grows in Central America, the cocobolo, these magic sticks are unique works of art that accompany the shaman during his rituals, throughout his life.

The shamanic sticks are topped with figures of love, motherhood and jungle animals. This wood is extracted from a hundred-year-old tropical tree with a reddish vein that measures more than twenty meters. It changes colour once cut. Each stick is then worked from a single piece of the cutting.

These works of art fashioned in this rare material therefore constitute unique decorative pieces for a high-end interior. They will particularly stand out on glass or metal furniture and bring a note of warmth and softness.


#4 Decorative tableware to put on a chic piece of furniture


Tableware decoration for luxury furniture


Inspired by shamanic masks, these decorative white porcelain or ceramic plates are painted with watercolours and fired in an artisan workshop in Valencia, Spain. Completely suitable for food use and dishwasher safe, this top-of-the-range tableware can also be used as a decorative object for the living room or as a decorative design object on a shelf.

These collections, created in agreement with the indigenous community, are a tribute to the Embera craftswomen, guardians of an exceptional culture. The patterns represented and the colours used go well with all decorative styles and all types of silverware. However, we recommend placing them close to a light source to bring touches of brightness to your composition. The sustainability of these communities is closely linked to the preservation of their natural habitat and part of the sales of this tableware is donated to a local reforestation project.

The works presented in our selection reflect the spirituality of the Darien communities, deeply influenced by nature, animals, magic, and spirits. Pieces of art and sophisticated decorative objects, these Panamanian works not only offer another way of seeing the Invisible, but also underline the close link that unites human beings with the environment. Among them, the mask, central element of a luxury decoration, celebrates an art of living where imagination and harmony are essential. When integrated into modern interior design, it invites you on a journey while offering new inspiration to the most sought-after decorative projects.


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