In the ancestral beliefs of the peoples of the tropical jungle of central America, the spirits haï are in nature, in animals or in plants. The nemboro allows you to take the appearance of an invisible world spirit and to enter into communication with it. By using it, one acquires the appearance, soul and energy of the animal or spirit represented.

More than ten years ago, Ethic & Tropic was born with these extraordinary hand-embroidered animal heads, ritual and shamanic objects that have also become exceptional objets d'art brut over the years.

In this gallery, I exhibit both "primitive" creations and the more sumptuous and audacious creations that are now emerging.

Drawing on a long and intense collaboration with indigenous Embera women, I now create collections of extraordinary art objects by working on the myths, dreams and collective unconscious of these animist tribes.

Since 2012 and the discovery of a little-known know-how, I have been providing an income for the indigenous tribes living in the heart of the Darien jungle, one of the wildest and most dangerous regions in the world.

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