Terms and conditions companies

1. General conditions

We have a retail catalogue and a professional catalogue (access reserved for shops, interior designers and art galleries).
As a professional, you can access the entirety of both catalogues. You must create a professional account.

- Our masks and sacred art are made in Central America by indigenous women. They are always unique pieces.
We guarantee the same quality for each piece.
- The sculptures are made in Spain and are unique works of art.
- Tableware: Handmade in Spain and produced in small quantities, colours and sizes may vary from one product to another.

2. Orders- Professional

Minimum order: 950 €

Orders, excepting fair orders, will require a written confirmation.

3. Prices . Professional rates

Quoted prices do not include taxes and delivery costs.

4. Payment


* 40% when placing the order (by bank transfer).
* The remaining amount will be paid when shipping the merchandise.
All bank charges will be paid by the customer.


100% when placing the order (by bank transfer).
All bank charges  will be paid by the customer.

Customs duties are at the expense of the purchaser.

5. Delivery

- Maximum 15 days for items in stock. Masks you can choose in the online catalogue are all one off creations, immediately available.
- 3 months for a new production, considering the artisanal production of all our products.
These deadlines are given for information only. Any delay shall not result in a penalty, claim or cancellation of the order.

6. Ownership retention of title

ETHIC & TROPIC reserves the entire property of the goods until their full payment.
All budgets that are not confirmed within a maximum period of 90 days can be cancelled by ETHIC&TROPIC S.L, leading to the customer losing its deposit.

7. Shipping

The transport costs are calculated according to the volume, the weight of the order and the country of destination (FROM SPAIN)
They must be paid by the customer and will be listed in the invoice.

8. Claming

Any claim must be made by registered by mail post within 72 hours after receipt of the goods.

9. Bank Details

Av. Guillem de Castro - Valencia (Spain)
ES51 2100 2341 4402 0025 6845