I have been living with the masks for many years. I am immersed in the world of the indigenous people, their rituals, beliefs and stories. I am sincere, committed and open to new learning and inspiration. I’m incredibly lucky and deeply privileged that I have been able to work harmoniously with the indigenous peoples of the Darien. I have successfully built and shared my life across two continents, found harmony bringing together the two cultures and sharing them with you.

I realized it was up to me, with my experience, to imagine how these masks could be interpreted. I have worked on this project with great pleasure and with my own sensitivity.

The product line VERAGUA was drawn by Francesco Paolo Ambrosio, an Italian designer living in Valencia. I liked the way he interpreted the masks so I designed this product line with his drawings.

I am working with Alvaro Pallardo from Carbonnell Ceramics, a young Valencian ceramist. The plates are handcrafted by Alvaro.

The designs are hand-drawn, one by one and transferred directly onto the plates, then fired.

Each plate is unique, individual. Its shape, colors and details are different every time. Dimensions can also vary from plate to plate.

 +/- 29 cm diametro 

Handmade in Spain

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